Community Supported Agriculture

CSA or Community Supported Agriculture

Big Sage Organics offers a direct, farm to consumer produce box subscription program, otherwise known as CSA or Community Supported Agriculture.  We offer a limited number of boxes annually to our local community.

Our CSA season runs from June-October.  Our CSA is both a weekly and every other week service. We offer a few different options designed to meet your specific needs. These programs are only available to those that live in our local area.

If locally grown, fresh, in season organic produce delivered to a location near you sounds like something you would be interested in! Please read below or send your inquiries to bigsageorgancis@gmail.com

Spring CSA Box

Spring CSA Box


Our weekly membership CSA service runs for 20 weeks from June-October. For 2019 we will be offering three sizes of boxes.  Our large box, regular box and our new thrifty box, each has a short description below. Here at Big Sage Organics we grow all the produce that ends up in your CSA box. Over the course of the season you will receive over 20 different types fruits and vegetables! Throughout the CSA season, our will include items like lettuce, baby salad greens, garlic, melons, sweet corn, cauliflower, potatoes, onions, kale, tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, chard, broccoli, cabbage, celery, carrots, beets, turnips, artichokes, culinary herbs, peaches, plums, cherries and more!

Seasonality is the name of the game and by becoming a CSA member you get only what is in season and fresh each and every week New items are introduced weekly to your box along with weekly newsletters that include recipes to help you prepare and enjoy some of less common produce that you will receive. 

Our primary goals is to provide you with a sensible variety of produce that will include your basic cooking staples like onions and garlic along with common salad options. We will also include weekly some starchy roots or tubers like potatoes, carrots, beets to name a few and don’t forget the summer delights like heirloom tomatoes, melons and sweet corn! We intend on keeping the most familiar kitchen staples on your counter while also introducing some unusual and exotic options into your kitchen .  

 Thrifty Box.  This option will be $225 and will be delivered every other week.  It will have 5-8 items on average, though you can expect more during peak season. The thrifty share is meant to feed individuals and couples and is intended for those who are just looking to supplement their produce needs or just want to try out a CSA for the first time.  

Regular Box. The Regular box is intended for individuals, couples or small families. This box will be 5-8 items on average and will be about 10-20lbs of produce depending on season and availability.  This box is $500 for the season, which comes out to $25 per week.  For those small families or veggie loving couples out there this box will keep you satisfied all season long.  

Large Box. The Large box is intended to feed a family of 4 or more and will include the greatest quantity and diversity of produce.  This box sells for $750 which comes out to $37.50/week.   With the large box, you will receive, on average, 8-12 items and it will typically be 20-40 pounds of produce depending on the season and what is available.  The large box is a lot of produce and intended for those with a lot of mouths to feed and the most dedicated of veggie lovers

Locations:  If you live in or near to Othello, Moses Lake, or the Tri-Cities areas of Central Washington State then we already deliver boxes near you.  We have drop sites in each of these three areas.  Contact us with questions.     

If you wish to take the next steps and receive all the details please reach out to us at bigsageorganics@gmail.com and let us know your interests and questions.